Electric Vehicles

NPPD introduces programs to reduce EV purchase price

As part of an incentive program, Nebraska Public Power District, in partnership with its wholesale utility customers, the Nebraska Environmental Trust and the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance, has introduced three programs that will help to reduce the purchase price of an electric vehicle.

The largest available incentive is for an EV and a ChargePoint home charging station in the amount of $4,500, with $4,000 going towards the purchase of a vehicle. Another $500 would be available for the charging station installation at a single or multi-family residential location with internet wireless connectivity.

Two other incentives are also available. One is for a ChargePoint home charging station installation of $500 and a $100 incentive is available for the pre-wiring for the installation of a residential EV charging station in the future.

The incentives are available to NPPD retail customers and customers of its wholesale utilities.

“We have been fortunate to receiving grant money from NET through a partnership with the NCEA which is very much appreciated,” said NPPD President and CEO Pat Pope. “The grant money will be an incentive to those wanting an electric vehicle and are faced with upfront costs and installing charging stations at their residence. NPPD will also be working with auto dealers and home builders to promote these incentives.”

Details on the three incentive programs can be found here.

Lincoln Electric System receives funds for EV data collection project

Nebraska public power utility Lincoln Electric System on May 14 said that it will receive $20,200 from the Nebraska Environmental Trust for the public power utility’s electric vehicle data collection project.

In addition, the Nebraska Environmental Trust provided a grant for a battery energy storage system (BESS) demonstration project that involves NPPD.

The City Council for Norfolk, Neb., on April 15 approved an agreement for the state’s largest community solar project with NPPD that will be tied to a BESS demonstration project expected to be in operation by mid-2020.

NPPD, with support from the city of Norfolk, received a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust in the amount of $490,000 over two years for the BESS project, which will be the first of its kind in the state, NPPD noted on April 16. The BESS is 1MW/2MWh, noted Mark Becker, Supervisor, Corporate Media and Media Services, at NPPD.