Nominations for American Public Power Association’s Board Due Feb 11

Members of the American Public Power Association are invited to nominate candidates for the American Public Power Association's 2020-2021 board of directors. The nomination form can be found here and must be submitted electronically by February 11, 2020.

A chart lists board members who will continue on the board, those eligible for re-election, those not eligible for re-election, and one open seat because of a resignation.
Directors are normally elected for three-year terms and are eligible to serve two consecutive terms. Any director who has served five or more years consecutively is not eligible for re-election until a period of one year has elapsed.
Candidates from member public power utilities; joint action agencies; and regional, state and local associations may be nominated. Nominees who are familiar with local, regional, and national industry issues will help ensure that the board reflects the diversity within the Association’s membership and the customers that members serve.
Guidelines used by the Nominating Committee to evaluate candidates are provided here. While the board has endorsed these guidelines, the board expects the members of the Nominating Committee to exercise their discretion and judgment in recommending candidates who will best serve the interests of the Association and its members.
The Nominating Committee will meet on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, in Washington, D.C., to consider nominations for new board members. The Committee's recommendations for new board members will be presented to the Association’s membership at the annual business meeting held in June during the Association’s National Conference.