New APPA tracker helps utilities document and analyze safety-related events

The American Public Power Association this month rolled out the eSafety Tracker, which will help public power utilities document and analyze safety-related events.

APPA noted that the collection of safety data across a large number of public power utilities will enable more comprehensive levels of analysis and benchmarking. The tracker provides an opportunity for utilities to work together and provide data that can help create and foster better safety statistics which should ultimately lead to safer work practices at utilities across the country.

The eSafety Tracker will help track incidents, meetings, and briefings allowing utilities to use data analytics and reporting to quantify their utility’s safety culture.

Funding for the tracker was provided through APPA’s Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments program.

“Safety is an integral part of public power culture,” said Joy Ditto, President and CEO of APPA. “But public power utilities can benefit from access to more data in order to gain insight into how they might prevent incidents,” she said. “Our Engineering Services team has been hard at work on the eSafety Tracker to make this analysis and benchmarking easier for utilities.”

The eSafety Tracker is a web-based application. Users enter their incidents, meetings, and briefings through the web application via their computer's browser and can easily refer back to their data at any time.

Some of the core features include recording safety meetings, job briefings, and three different types of incidents: injuries, near-miss incidents, and property damage incidents. By using the same methods and language for describing incidents across public power utilities we’re making it easier to identify core trends, events, and practices that lead to injury.

Online investigations can also be launched through the online system allowing utilities to keep records of an incident from the occurrence, to investigation, to resolution.

Another added value of the tracker is online access to APPA’s Safety Manual through packaged licensing agreements, allowing lineworkers and other utility personnel to access the manual on job sites and other locations.

Data from the eSafety Tracker will be anonymized and used to help improve the APPA Safety Manual through its revision cycle.

A webinar scheduled for June 22 will provide a demonstration of the eSafety Tracker application. Additional information about the webinar, including registration details, is available here.

One year and three year subscriptions of the eSafety Tracker available for purchase. The eSafety Tracker is a web-based application. If you have internet access and a web browser, you can access the service.

Additional information about the tracker is available here.