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NCPA, Nevada Irrigation District execute agreement for scheduling, control center services

The Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) and the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) recently executed an agreement that establishes a new partnership under which NCPA will supply scheduling and control center services to NID.

The start date for the services was May 1.

NID previously released a request for services that sought proposals for scheduling and dispatch services for NID generation facilities, which resulted in the selection of NCPA as NID’s preferred services provider.

NCPA, working in direct coordination with NID, will supply scheduling and control center services in support of NID’s Deer Creek Powerhouse and Combie South Powerhouse. The two hydroelectric generation projects have a combined generating capacity of approximately seven megawatts.

NID has been using the Combie South powerhouse since the 1980s to take advantage of high water flows during spring and summer months.

NID is also in the process of acquiring the Deer Creek Powerhouse from investor-owned Pacific Gas & Electric Company.

Both units are certified in California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard program and provide valuable Portfolio Content Category 1 renewable energy generation that supports statewide renewable energy policy goals, NCPA and NID noted.

NCPA is a nonprofit California joint powers agency established in 1968 to construct and operate renewable and low-emitting generating facilities and assist in meeting the wholesale energy needs of its 16 members.

NID is a water resource agency that supplies both treated drinking water and raw water to more than 25,000 homes, farms and businesses in Nevada, Placer and Yuba Counties, all located in the foothills of Northern California.

NID also operates seven hydroelectric plants and 12 miles of overhead power line that deliver 83 megawatts of renewable energy to the power grid.