Distributed Energy Resources

Montana energy company open to storage, DR proposals

Montana-based NorthWestern Energy Corporation on July 9 issued a request for information seeking information on new or existing capacity resources that the utility said could include, but not be limited to, electric generation, energy storage and demand response/demand side management products.

NorthWestern said it is interested in information for capacity products across its Montana service territory or in the greater Northwest U.S. region to serve its peak demand, which occurs primarily in the winter months and during some summer demand periods. The peak demand periods are generally served by dispatchable generation resources.

Montana state law requires investor-owned NorthWestern to conduct an evaluation of its electric supply and demand-side planning portfolio to identify least cost and low-risk alternatives to deliver energy services to its Montana customers.

The company noted that the Montana Public Service Commission’s comments on NorthWestern’s Montana 2015 Electric Supply Resource Procurement Plan included a request to solicit information on available capacity resource alternatives for consideration in the 2018 plan.

NorthWestern said that the types of products and requirements outlined in the RFI documents are intended to serve as a guideline for the types of resources that are of interest to NorthWestern. Other capacity products may be offered if respondents feel they will provide benefit to NorthWestern.

“Respondents are encouraged to provide sufficient detail on each project in order to provide NorthWestern with a clear and concise understanding of the type of resource that is available and its associated costs,” it said.

RFI responses will be due July 30.