Electricity Markets

Mississippi Public Power Utility Seeks Power Supply Proposals

Mississippi public power utility Clarksdale Public Utilities is seeking power supply proposals through the issuance of a recently released request for proposals (RFP).

Mississippi Delta Energy Agency (MDEA) issued the RFP for power supply resources on behalf of Clarksdale Public Utilities to meet the utility’s capacity and energy requirements beginning June 1, 2023. 

Clarksdale Public Utilities’ transmission system is interconnected to the Midcontinent Independent System Operator transmission system. 

MDEA will accept proposals from any electric utility, independent power producer, qualifying facility, exempt wholesale generator, non-utility generator or electric power marketer that is appropriately certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that has resources available and operates within the MISO transmission system. 

MDEA is soliciting proposals for the following types of power supply resources:

  • Energy only, load following arrangements, excluding the utility’s allocation of Southeastern Power Administration hydro and existing baseload energy block with energy management services;
  • Energy only, fixed load shape block power arrangements, representing the utility’s unhedged projected energy requirements during the requested term; 
  • 34 MW of MISO capacity credits (i.e. Zonal Resource Credits) delivered to Zone 10 Local Resource Zone; and
  • Energy Management Services

The deadline for responses to the RFP are due by April 20, 2022 by 2:00 p.m. (Central).

The RFP is available here.