Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency issues RFP for intermediate capacity and energy

The Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency (KYMEA) is seeking proposals to supply intermediate electric capacity and energy to it starting June 1, 2022 for terms of three to 20 years.

KYMEA on July 24 said that it prefers to purchase capacity and energy from resources delivered by a seller to MISO Zone 6, the LGE/KU transmission system or a distribution system of one of KYMEA’s members.

KYMEA, an inter-local agency which provides electric power and related services to municipal utilities, anticipates considering purchases ranging from 30 megawatts to 60 MW.

This invitation and all proposals are subject to the provisions of KYMEA’s request for proposals (RFP), which provides specifications for the solicitation.

The RFP specifically provides that prospective proposers must contact only Rob Leesman at KYMEA to obtain information about this solicitation, KYMEA noted.

Contacts by prospective proposers with KYMEA Board members and other representatives of KYMEA or its members will be a cause for disqualification of proposals as further explained in the RFP.

The RFP requires submittal of a proposal responsive to the solicitation and containing data at a level sufficient for KYMEA to screen alternatives to determine if the proposal is reasonably susceptible of being accepted for award based upon the evaluation factors set out in the RFP.

Potential proposers may request a copy of the RFP by emailing KYMEA at: [email protected]

Those requesting the RFP are asked to provide the organization’s legal name and address and a primary contact name, email address and phone number.

Proposals must be received by email no later than 2 pm EDT on August 19, 2020.