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JEA board appoints Paul McElroy as interim CEO and managing director

The Board of Directors for Florida public power utility JEA on May 5 appointed former CEO and Managing Director Paul McElroy as the utility’s interim CEO and managing director, effective May 11, 2020.

McElroy will lead the organization as the board launches its search for a permanent replacement.  

Prior to his April 2018 retirement, McElroy spent 16 years as a JEA executive, including six years as chief financial officer, and most recently, more than five years as CEO and managing director.

“I am honored to again work alongside the JEA team on an interim basis,” said McElroy. “Together we will focus on the things that made us successful in the past; customer satisfaction, operational performance, financial metrics and management practices, and governance including ethics, compliance and internal audit.”

JEA board Chairman John Baker sees McElroy’s interim appointment as an opportunity to have steady leadership while the board identifies a broad and diverse field of candidates. 

“We’ve got a really great guy who will make a difference and will get us launched in the right direction,” said Baker following the unanimous board vote. “We can feel comfortable putting the city’s precious asset back in his hands, even if only temporarily.”

Under McElroy’s leadership, JEA was considered one of the most successful municipally owned electric, water and wastewater operations in the U.S., the utility said.