Customer Service

Iowa city extends contract with Heartland Consumers Power District

The city council of Stanhope, Iowa, recently voted to extend the city’s power supply contract with Heartland Consumers Power District through the year 2030.

Heartland began supplying the city with wholesale power and energy in 2014, expanding their customer base in the state of Iowa. Stanhope’s original contract was set to expire at the end of 2023.

Heartland approached the city about extending to continue taking advantage of stable pricing. The extension would also make Stanhope a long-term customer, giving them access to customer programs.

Along with stable, affordable electricity, Heartland noted that it also offers a suite of customer service programs to assist with economic development, energy efficiency and cybersecurity.

The new contract provides savings over their existing contract, as well as consistent pricing for the next 10 years, Heartland noted. The city council approved the new contract at a January 12 meeting.

Heartland’s energy efficiency program provides rebates for making energy efficient purchases. Upgrading lighting, water heaters and heating and cooling systems may qualify for incentives.

Heartland’s economic development program assists new and expanding businesses within customer communities. Growth incentives and utility rebates are available to qualifying businesses.

Heartland also offers programs to assist the city with infrastructure upgrades related to development, make energy efficient improvements at city facilities and protect valuable data from cyber thieves.

Stanhope is situated within the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) market and is connected to the ITC transmission system. Heartland will provide full-requirement power supply to the city.

Stanhope is home to just over 400 people.