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Happy 40th, DEED!

In observance of the 40th Anniversary of Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments, aka DEED, prominent figures associated with the program weigh in on what it has meant to them and to the energy sector.


“The DEED program was not just a help, but a critical player in the early stages of several programs. One was the study of wind energy, leading to the first public power wind turbine in the Midwest (1992 in Waverly, IA). The other was the development of vegetable-based dielectric fluid that was eventually acquired by Cargill, Inc. DEED grants provided the catalyst. Funding like this for a small utility made the difference in allowing the projects to move forward. Both were very successful and have left a footprint on electric utility operations worldwide.”

- Glenn Cannon, former general manager, Waverly Utilities, Iowa


The DEED program is so much more than the support of research.  It is the demonstration of public power always reaching to the future, lighting the way for its customers.  The program shows that public power is a valuable source of data, information and intelligence in the utility world.”

-Liz Jambor, Manager Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Austin Energy and DEED Board Chair


“The DEED program continues to support the future of the power industry through scholarship opportunities. I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of one of those awards early in my career. EPRI continues to value our ongoing relationship with APPA.”

- Arshad Mansoor, President, Electric Power Research Institute

“The DEED program essentially reflects the fundamental philosophy of public power, namely that the public sector has a special obligation to meet the interests of consumers by promoting innovation and efficiencies to improve service”

- Larry Hobart, Executive Director, American Public Power Association, 1986-1995, remarking on DEED’s 15th Anniversary in 1995


“As our industry continues to change, and resources grow scarce, DEED is even more valuable for its ability to pool the resources of public power utilities.”

- Alan Richardson, Executive Director, American Public Power Association, 1995-2007, remarking on DEED’s 20th Anniversary in 2000


How has the program impacted you? Tell us your story, or leave a "birthday greeting" of your own in the comments.