GRDA solicits interest in plant stake or purchase of system capacity

Oklahoma’s Grand River Dam Authority on Aug. 21 announced it is soliciting statements of interest for the purchase of all, or some portion, of its 36 percent ownership interest (433 megawatts) in the Redbud Generating Station it co-owns with Oklahoma Gas and Electric company and the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority.

The Redbud plant is a natural gas electric generation plant located near Luther, Oklahoma, and was completed in 2005.

Alternatively, GRDA is also accepting statements of interest or offers to purchase up to 400 MW of GRDA system capacity through a power purchase agreement.

GRDA explains in the reverse RFP that it is evaluating options for rebalancing its power supply portfolio to incorporate additional renewables and reduce its current surplus capacity position.

Statements of interests or proposals are due on Sept. 21.

GRDA recently completed construction of its GREC Unit 3, 495 MW, advanced class, combined cycle unit and through a 2016 settlement, the Authority acquired the remaining 200 MW ownership interest in its 520 MW GREC Unit 2.

The Authority is looking to add solar and possibly additional wind to its power supply portfolio.

Questions related to the solicitation should be directed in writing to Alan Decker at: [email protected].

Statements of interest or proposals to purchase should be delivered by first-class mail or e-mail to: Tim Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Grand River Dam Authority, 226 Dwain Willis Avenue, P.O. Box 409 Vinita, OK 74301-0409, e-mail: [email protected].

GRDA generates, transmits and sells electricity to Oklahoma municipalities, electric cooperatives and industrial customers, as well as off-system customers across a four-state region.