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Glendale Water & Power installs storage system next to substation

California public power utility Glendale Water & Power has successfully installed a new two-megawatt battery energy storage system, or BESS, next to the utility's newly upgraded Grandview Substation.

The BESS can now instantaneously respond to shifts in systemic load, "providing GWP with an unprecedented capacity to regulate its transmission," the utility said on July 11.

Beyond renewable integration, the BESS may serve as an emergency source of energy to start up other units, mitigating the impact of potential unplanned disruptions in service. It will also reduce costs by delaying the need for infrastructure upgrades, GWP noted.

The BESS is a small-scale system that GWP will use to gain experience in the use of battery storage and eventually to use that experience to develop and incorporate a larger scale battery component into its energy system.

GWP will utilize and evaluate the BESS as it is integrated into the daily system and from there to expand the operation to include additional and larger battery storage projects as a key component of its resource portfolio, the utility noted.

The full-scale BESS will support the integration of renewable resources by mitigating the intermittent energy supplied by renewable resources such as photovoltaic solar and wind.

GWP has rebuilt its Grandview substation, upgrading the 1930-era substation so it can carry more load in a growing part of the city.

The $15 million project, which includes gas insulated switchgear, or GIS, was completed in 18 months, within budget and on schedule.