Energy Storage

Glendale Water & Power to install storage system next to substation

Glendale Water & Power will be installing a new two megawatt battery energy storage system, or BESS, next to the public power utility's Grandview Substation, Glendale Water & Power said on Nov. 15.

A groundbreaking event was scheduled to take place on Nov. 16, the utility said in a news release.

The BESS is a small scale system that GWP will use to gain experience in the use of battery storage and eventually to use that experience to develop and incorporate a larger scale battery component into its energy system.

GWP will utilize and evaluate the BESS as it is integrated into the daily system and subsequently to expand the operation to include additional and larger battery storage projects as a key component of its resource portfolio, the public power utility said.

The full scale BESS will support the integration of renewable resources by mitigating the intermittent energy supplied by renewable resources such as photovoltaic and wind.

The storage system can provide backup power to start GWP's power plant generators in case of a major system wide outage to allow power to be restored to city customers quicker, the utility said.

"The battery energy storage system project will help GWP to understand the benefits of a battery system in providing more reliable power to residents while keeping up with modernization efforts," said Steve Zurn, general manager of GWP.

The project will be constructed by BETA Engineering with batteries supplied by SAFT America and the entire project will be facilitated by Skylar Resources.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by April 2017.

GWP has rebuilt its Grandview substation, upgrading the 1930-era substation so it can carry more load in a growing part of the city. The $15 million project, which includes gas insulated switchgear, or GIS, was completed in 18 months, within budget and on schedule.

Imperial Irrigation District recently brought storage system online

Representatives from California's Imperial Irrigation District, Coachella Energy Storage Partners, electric industry leaders and local and state officials gathered near an IID energy generating station on Oct. 26 as the district's new battery energy storage system was brought online.

IID said the 30-megawatt, 20-megawatt-hour lithium-ion battery storage system will increase reliability across the IID grid by providing the ability to balance power while integrating renewable energy resources into the local grid as well as provide spinning reserve and "black start" power restoration capabilities.

Construction of IID's battery energy storage system, which is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in the western U.S., began late last summer. As the project neared completion, the system has been tested and is ready to operate at full capacity, if needed, IID said.

The battery energy storage system has been created to mitigate stability and power quality issues as renewable energy resources are integrated into the IID grid, allowing the district to further diversify its energy portfolio, IID said.