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Federal Agencies Announce Nearly $5 Billion In Funds Available For EV Charging Network

The U.S. Departments of Transportation and Energy on Feb. 10 announced the availability of nearly $5 billion under the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) formula program established by President Biden’s infrastructure law to build out a national electric vehicle charging network.

The program will provide the funds over five years to help states create a network of EV charging stations along designated alternative fuel corridors, particularly along the Interstate Highway System.

The total amount available to states in Fiscal Year 2022 under the NEVI formula program is $615 million. States must submit an EV infrastructure deployment plan before they can access these funds.

To access the funds, each state is required to submit an EV infrastructure deployment plan to the new Joint Office of Energy and Transportation that describes how the state intends to use its share of NEVI formula program funds consistent with Federal Highway Administration guidance.

These plans are expected to build on Alternative Fuel Corridors that nearly every state has designated over the past six years of this program. These corridors will be the spine of the new national EV charging network.

The Joint Office will play a key role in the implementation of the NEVI formula program by providing direct technical assistance and support to help states develop their plans before they are reviewed and approved by the Federal Highway Administration, which administers the funding.

A second, competitive grant program designed to further increase EV charging access in locations throughout the country, including in rural and underserved communities, will be announced later this year.

The new Joint Office of Energy and Transportation also launched a new website at DriveElectric.gov. There, officials can find additional technical assistance, data and tools for states.

As part of the Feb. 10 announcement, the Federal Highway Administration released the NEVI formula program funding to states that will be available following approval of state plans for Fiscal Year 2022 in addition to the Program Guidance and a Request for Nominations for states to expand their existing Alternative Fuel Corridors.

Here is state-by-state NEVI funding for Fiscal Years 2022-2026.

Trade Groups, Joint Office Commit To Work Together

In related news, the Joint Office, the American Public Power Association (APPA), the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and the Edison Electric Institute sent a letter demonstrating their commitment to work together to support EV charging plan development efforts.

“The Joint Office and the electric power industry are working together to connect electric utilities with their peers at state departments of transportation, state energy offices, and other organizations to support state EV charging plan development efforts,” the letter said.

The letter noted that each organization has designated individuals to be the electric power industry liaisons to the Joint Office to help ensure utility engagement and facilitate the appropriate connections. For APPA, the designated contact is Patricia Taylor, Senior Manager, Regulatory Policy and Business Programs ([email protected]).

“Collectively, we will work to identify points of contact at individual utilities, as appropriate, with which the states and the Joint Office can interface as soon as possible,” the letter said.