Energy Efficiency

Energy New England to provide energy assessments to Block Island Utility District

Energy New England (ENE), which manages power supplies for more than 20 municipal electric systems throughout New England, is now offering energy assessments to customers of Rhode Island’s Block Island Utility District (BIUD).

ENE was chosen by BIUD to provide energy assessments for both residential and small business customers.

ENE will be using SnuggPro software to provide an energy assessment report. Snugg Pro is cloud-based PC home energy auditing software that runs on computers, tablets and smart phones.

The program is scheduled to launch on November 1. In addition, to residential and commercial energy audits, BIUD will also be offering rebates and incentives to both residential and commercial customers.

Customers will be given the option to have an on-site assessment or to have the assessment done remotely using video technology. For on-site assessments the amount of time the auditor spends inside will be shortened and there will be a follow up call to review the report, offer recommendations and prioritize a short- and long-term savings plan. 

Customers who get the assessment will receive energy saving items such as LED bulbs, smart power strips, and water saving devices that are installed at the time of the assessment.

For those customers who choose to have a video assessment, energy saving kits will be delivered at a later time.

ENE provides residential conservation services to 22 municipal light plants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Member-owned and governed BIUD provides power to residents of Block Island, Rhode Island.