Energy Efficiency

Electricity: For the smart home of the future


Infographic about home electrificationElectric vehicle and charger: Your at-home charger is connected to your utility, so you can pick the least expensive time to charge and save money. What’s more, your car’s battery can potentially feed energy back to the grid during peak demand times. Need extra cash? Allow other EV drivers to use your home charging for a fee when you aren’t using it.

Water heater: Your electrified heat pump water heater saves you money by using the heat in your home to boost efficiency in heating water. It can also help prevent system overload by using less energy during peak demand times, which it learns automatically from your utility. 

Heating and air conditioning: The home of the future is only cool when you need it to be, thanks to your smart thermostat that can also automatically cut down energy use when prices are highest – saving you money.

Lights: Adjustable LEDs use minimal energy while letting you change the mood in the room to make it right for homework time, movie time, or party time. 

Appliances: Your high efficiency all-electric appliances offer every modern convenience and use less energy!

Home assistant: Ask your electric home assistant how much energy you’re using. You can even pay your electric bill through this connected device.

Home battery and solar panels: The future home is prepared in the event of an outage to use power, thanks to a battery that stores energy generated from rooftop solar panels.

Other devices: Wherever you are, stay connected with your home to get security alerts, get your slow cooked dinner ready on time,  water your lawn, and more. Your smartphone and other gadgets and sensors are among the tens of billions of connected devices in the future. None of it is possible without electricity!