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Electric Line Troubleshooter with Colorado Springs Utilities Helps Rescue Bear Cub From Tree

Nick Freedle, an electric line troubleshooter with Colorado Springs Utilities, recently helped an officer with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife rescue a bear cub from a tree.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me,” said Freedle. “It was my pleasure to help with the rescue and it’s a moment I’ll always remember.”

A tweet from Colorado Parks and Wildlife noted that the bear cub was spotted in a Colorado Springs neighborhood on Wednesday. By evening, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers Travis Sauder and Phil Gurule came to rescue the bear cub. They spotted the cub in a tree. “At about 15 pounds, this little guy was smallish for its age and looking neglected,” the tweet noted.

Nick Freedle with the rescued cub (photo courtesy of CPW)

CPW called Colorado Springs Utilities because the cub was too high in a tree for dart guns to reach. Freedle arrived and used his bucket truck to elevate Sauder where he could get a clean shot. Then they used a catch pole to reel in the cub and bring it down safely.

After Freedle and Sauder brought the cub down, it was taken to Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southeast Region office for observation. On Thursday morning it was transported to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife rehab facility where it will stay until it is old enough to be released back into the wild.