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DEMEC board votes to donate quarter of a million dollars for pandemic relief

The Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) Board of Directors voted at its recent board meeting to donate a quarter of a million dollars to provide additional relief to customers facing hardship during the COVID pandemic.

DEMEC’s member communities unanimously decided at the beginning of the pandemic to avoid shut offs and late fees for customers struggling to pay their utility bills.

“This is another step we can take to help customers during their greatest time of need,” stated Patrick McCullar, DEMEC President and CEO, “It is a great example of the power of community joint action, coming together to help customers meet their essential needs during this difficult time.”

The $250,000 donation will be split among DEMEC’s eight member communities to enhance their current customer assistance funds.

“We know many customers are struggling to make ends meet,” stated Morris Deputy, DEMEC Board Chair, “Every community wants to help their customers as much as possible. This donation allows us to assist more customers facing hardships during this pandemic.”