CPS Energy Board Votes To Enter Negotiations With Garza To Serve As Permanent President & CEO

The CPS Energy Board of Trustees on Aug. 23 voted to enter a 30-day contract negotiation period with Interim President & CEO Rudy Garza to serve as permanent President and CEO for the utility. Garza has served in the interim role since November 2021.

The Personnel Committee includes Committee Chair Janie Gonzalez and Board Chair Dr. Willis Mackey. National search firm Russell Reynolds was retained to assist with the CEO search. 

Since becoming Interim President and CEO, Garza has led the company to the approval of the first rate case in 8 years, approval for the next phase of energy efficiency and conservation programs, and discussions with the Board of Trustees and the Rate Advisory Committee on future generation planning.

Garza has more than 25 years in the utility industry and has served as a leader in both public and private sectors.

Garza previously served as Chief Customer & Stakeholder Engagement Officer for the San Antonio utility and he would become the first Hispanic leader to hold this leadership position.

Garza joined CPS Energy in 2012 and previously served as Senior Vice President of Distribution Service & Operations where he oversaw the maintenance and construction activity of the electric distribution system, and has also served the company in the role of Vice President of External Relations.