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Constellation Energy Begins Producing Clean Hydrogen at New York Nuclear Plant

Maryland-based Constellation Energy has begun production of clean hydrogen at one of its nuclear power plants in New York State.

The 1-megawatt demonstration project at Constellation’s Nine Mile Point nuclear plant in Oswego, uses 1.25 megawatts of zero-carbon energy per hour to produce 560 kilograms of hydrogen per day, more than enough to meet the plant’s operational hydrogen use.

Constellation said it hopes the Hydrogen Generation System at Nine Mile Point will help set the stage for possible large-scale deployments at other clean energy centers in Constellation’s fleet that would couple clean hydrogen production with storage and other on-site uses.

Last year, the Department of Energy approved the construction and installation of an electrolyzer at Nine Mile Point with an award of $5.8 million. The project uses a Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyzer manufactured by Nel Hydrogen.

As part of its broader decarbonization strategy, Constellation said it is working with public and private entities to develop regional hydrogen production and distribution hubs and has committed to invest $900 million through 2025 for commercial clean hydrogen production using nuclear energy, including participation in the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen, the Northeast Clean Hydrogen Hub, and the Mid-Atlantic Hydrogen Hub.