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Columbus, Ohio, Officials Break Ground on Solar Energy Project

Officials with the City of Columbus, Ohio, broke ground on May 4 on the Parsons Avenue solar project, one of two new solar projects that will provide 45 megawatts of additional renewable energy to Division of Power customers.

Both projects are being developed and constructed by NextEra Energy.

The Parsons Avenue solar project will generate 27 MW, while the Jackson Pike solar project, which is also beginning construction, will provide an additional 18 MW.

The Jackson Pike project is being developed on a former city landfill site.

“The Department of Public Utilities and our Division of Power is embracing and forging a clean energy future,” said Director of Public Utilities Kristen Atha in a statement. “We are rising to meet the goals within the Columbus Climate Action Plan and understand the critical role our department plays in creating an equitable future for Columbus.”

The Columbus Climate Action Plan commits to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and includes a strategy to transition to clean energy sources with specific targets to achieve 200 MW of municipal onsite solar by 2030 and 100% municipal clean energy procurement by 2030.

The city’s Division of Power serves nearly 17,000 accounts and currently provides over 50% clean energy through its power purchase contracts for residents and businesses.

The two projects will increase the division’s provision of clean energy to nearly 60%.