Distributed Energy Resources

City of Fountain, Colo., new power contract will lead to major cost savings

The City of Fountain, Colo. City Council this month voted unanimously to begin a new wholesale electricity partnership with Guzman Energy.

The partnership between the City of Fountain, a public power community, and Guzman Energy began on May 13, 2020 and will permit the development of more than 36,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy generation in the community.

Not only will this partnership lead to a greener, more sustainable energy portfolio with planned renewable installations, but the city will also experience significant cost savings estimated at tens of millions of dollars over the life of the 12-year contract.

Guzman Energy is a Denver-based full-service wholesale power provider that has helped local communities throughout the western United States increase access to renewable energy resources while reducing overall energy costs.

Curtis Mitchell, Utilities Director for the City of Fountain stated, “The partnership with Guzman Energy is great because it provides the City of Fountain security going into the future, and also gives some relief on our customers’ utility bills starting this year in July.”

Mitchell is expected to retire this month and completed this agreement as a way to ensure that the city has the flexibility needed to guide its power supply future. He views the agreement as a win for both the City of Fountain and Guzman Energy.

Mitchell believes that the partnership demonstrates what can be accomplished when two innovative and willing partners roll up their sleeves for the betterment of the community.