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California Regulators Open Proceeding to Update Transmission Siting Regulations

The California Public Utilities Commission on May 18 opened a proceeding to update electric utility transmission siting regulations.

Under the direction of Senate Bill 529, the CPUC will update its General Order (GO) 131-D, which governs the siting, construction, or modification of new or existing electric transmission and generation related facilities. GO 131-D was originally adopted by the CPUC in 1970 and it was last updated in 1995.

The new rulemaking would implement changes mandated by SB 529 and consider additional modifications to modernize the rules governing the CPUC’s review of transmission and generation projects. Pursuant to SB 529, the rulemaking would propose modifications to GO 131-D to authorize utilities to use a streamlined permit-to-construct process when expanding or upgrading existing transmission facilities.

The Rulemaking will also consider additional modifications to GO 131-D that would:

  • Create a process for permitting battery storage projects;
  • Provide the CPUC with better cost information for electrical infrastructure projects;
  • Increase cost transparency for all projects subject to GO 131;
  • Provide better notice to local governments of projects in their locality.

“This Rulemaking will consider how California renewable energy goals can be supported by streamlining the construction process while maintaining California Environmental Quality Act standards.  I look forward to following the important issues that will be considered,” said Commissioner Genevieve Shiroma.

View the proposal.