Energy Storage

California CCA signs agreement for 100-MW battery storage project

Clean Power Alliance, a California community choice aggregator, recently signed an agreement for a 100-megawatt standalone battery storage project. This is the first energy storage agreement for the CCA.

Approved by the Clean Power Alliance Board of Directors on April 2, the 100-MW/400-megawatt hour Luna Storage standalone lithium ion battery storage project is the largest energy storage agreement for a CCA in California and one of the largest in the entire state, according to Clean Power Alliance.

The 15-year agreement, which went from bid to contract execution in less than six months, demonstrates Clean Power Alliance’s “nimbleness in meeting fast-changing regulatory requirements and electrical grid dynamics,” it said.

Late last year, the California Public Utilities Commission required the CCA to procure at least 98.4 MW of new capacity by 2021, a requirement that has now been surpassed with the new energy storage agreement.

Additional requirements for 2022 and 2023 will be fulfilled by future agreements that are currently under negotiation through Clean Power Alliance’s 2019 Reliability Request for Offers.

The Luna Storage project will be owned and operated by sPower, an independent power producer. The project is located in the City of Lancaster, within Los Angeles County, and is expected to be operational by August 2021.