BPA seeks energy purchase for winter loads in southeast Idaho

The Bonneville Power Administration recently issued a request for offers for a five-year market purchase of power during winter months to serve a portion of its preference customer load in southeast Idaho.

The purchases would be shaped up to 125 megawatts during heavy load hours in some months and will begin November 2021 and end in March 2026.

The RFO, which was released April 22 and remains open through May 11, includes selection criteria, credit requirements, product description and enabling agreement requirements.

BPA has a statutory commitment to provide reliable, low-cost service to all of its preference customers. It currently serves six preference customers in southeast Idaho through a combination of market purchases and power wheeled from the federal system.

BPA previously awarded a five-year contract in 2016 to address the interim power needs of these customers as a result of an RFO.