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Battery Storage System For Virginia’s Danville Utilities Slated For May Completion

Construction of a battery storage system for Virginia public power utility Danville Utilities is underway. The system will reduce the city’s energy demand during peak usage times and lower power costs for the city.

The battery storage system has a rated capacity of 10.5 megawatts (MW) and 24.6 megawatt hours, meaning it can provide approximately 10.5 MW of power for almost 2.5 hours during the peak events that determine the city’s costs for transmission service and power capacity.

Using the stored energy during these times will reduce the city’s electricity demand during these peak hours and help prevent increases in the future cost of electricity, Danville Utilities said

“The savings from this project are much greater than paying the transmission costs,” Jason Grey, director of Danville Utilities, said on March 3.

The battery project is being installed, operated, and maintained by Delorean Power. Delorean Power is an Arlington, Virginia-based company that is developing battery energy storage projects across the mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Midwest.

The project was approved by the Danville City Council in January 2021, but there have been delays in the project’s completion due to the pandemic.

The project is expected to be complete and operational in May.