Association earns patent for data collection, modeling analysis

The American Public Power Association has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that protects the Association’s interests in data collection and analysis for predictive modeling of utility assets, safety reporting, and grid maintenance.

The patent allows the Association to design “Methods, systems, and apparatus for predictive models for electric power grid maintenance.” The Association was notified of the patent award in mid-October.

Among other things, the patent covers the Association’s new eSafety Tracker, which was developed to help utilities document and analyze safety-related events. Members can learn more and even help beta test the new eSafety Tracker here.

This is the second patent awarded to the Association and inventors Alex Hofmann and Mike Hyland, the Association’s Senior Director of Energy and Environmental Services and Senior Vice President, Engineering Services, respectively.

“This patent helps protect Association members rights to access a wide range of tools in data collection and predictive modeling, including the new eSafety Tracker, which will benefit them in a number of ways,” said Hofmann.

The first patent, “tracking and analyzing service outages,” was awarded in March 2016 and involves methods, systems, and apparatus, for tracking and analyzing service outages.

Additional details about that patent are available here.