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Arizona’s Southwest Public Power Agency Signs Solar And Storage Power Purchase Agreement

Arizona’s Southwest Public Power Agency Inc. (SPPA) has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a BrightNight joint venture (JV) for the delivery of 300 megawatts of solar energy and 600 megawatt-hours of battery storage.

This is the largest renewable power purchase in SPPA’s operational history and will supply 21 of SPPA’s constituent members who are working to meet growing demand and carbon reduction goals.

Power will be supplied from BrightNight’s Box Canyon project located in Pinal County, Arizona, held jointly with BrightNight’s JV partner, Cordelio Power.

The project recently completed its final major permitting milestones and is expected to begin operation in 2025. It will provide approximately one-third of SPPA’s peak capacity needs and 19-21% of SPPA’s energy needs.

The PPA is the result of a competitive solicitation.