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APPA’s Delia Patterson Reappointed To Serve On DOE Electricity Advisory Committee

Delia Patterson, Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Communications and General Counsel at the American Public Power Association, has been reappointed to serve another term on the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC).

Each member of the EAC is appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Energy for a two-year term. The group reports to the DOE’s Assistant Secretary for Electricity and meets three times a year to advise DOE on a variety of electricity issues.

The 37 members of the EAC come from across the energy community, including state and regional entities, utilities, cybersecurity and national security firms, the natural gas sector, equipment manufacturers, construction and architectural companies, non-governmental organizations, and other electricity-related organizations.

During their two-year term, the EAC members advise DOE on current and future electric grid reliability, resilience, security, sector interdependence, and policy issues.

They periodically review and make recommendations on DOE electric grid-related programs and initiatives, including electricity-related research and development programs and modeling efforts.

Members also identify emerging issues related to electricity production and delivery and advise on federal coordination with utility industry authorities in the event of supply disruptions and other emergencies.

She was first appointed to the EAC by then-Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, who served in the administration of President Trump.

Patterson recently joined the advisory board of E Source, a research, consulting and data science firm for the utility sector.

She was also elected president of the board of directors of the Energy Bar Association this year.

Patterson is also a member of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Future Electric Utility Regulation Advisory Group, and an associate member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee. 

In addition, she is on the board of the Women’s Energy Resource Council and is the member of APPA’s executive leadership team who leads energy policy formulation and advocacy before federal agencies, federal courts, and various energy policy forum.