APPA President and CEO Joy Ditto announces reorganization

After months of analysis and assessment, APPA President & CEO Joy Ditto has announced the following changes, effective October 1, with a goal of better prioritizing and aligning APPA’s activities to serve its members:

  • Finance/Human Resources/Administration/Information Technology will become one department reporting to Harry Olibris, who will be promoted to Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration. Amy Rigney-Gay will continue to report directly to Joy on certain HR matters. 
  • Membership/Education/Meetings/Publications/Graphics will become one department reporting to Jeff Haas, who will be promoted to Senior Vice President, Membership and Education. Ursula Schryver will report to Jeff and her title will become Vice President, Strategic Member Engagement and Education. The publications/graphics team of Susan Partain, Paul Ciampoli, Bob Thomas and Sharon Winfield will move to this combined department and will report to Tanya DeRivi, Senior Director, Member Engagement, who starts on October 5. Susan Partain will be promoted to Senior Manager, Content Strategy.
  • Advocacy will continue to report to Senior Vice President, Advocacy & Communications and General Counsel Delia Patterson. Toby Sellier will report to Delia and be promoted to Senior Director, Communications and Media Relations, with Taelor Bentley continuing to report to him. Toby will be hiring another communications expert in the coming months to round out his group.
  • Engineering Services will change names to “Technical and Operations Services” and will continue to report to Alex Hofmann, Vice President, Technical and Operations Services.

 Additional promotions will be announced before the end of the year, and will take effect on January 1, 2021, per APPA’s regular annual process.