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APPA Launches New Member Webpage On Infrastructure Law Implementation

Members of the American Public Power Association (APPA) now have access to a webpage dedicated to keeping them up to date on activity and funding opportunities related to implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

APPA is also encouraging members to use the Federal Register and Grants.Gov to make specific searches for agencies or programs that are of interest, as it cannot guarantee the webpage will be exhaustive of all funding opportunities.

Additionally, APPA said its members should consider signing up for agency-wide or office specific newsletters based on their areas of interest.

APPA’s ILJA webpage is available to members by clicking here.

The ILJA was signed into law by President Joe Biden on Nov. 15, 2021. The law includes $1.2 trillion in funding, including $550 billion in new federal spending not previously authorized, for transportation, energy, and water infrastructure.

The law includes several potential funding opportunities for public power including for electric and hydrogen vehicle fueling infrastructure, grid resiliency infrastructure, smart grid investments, physical and cybersecurity infrastructure, incentives for hydropower production and efficiency infrastructure, energy efficiency and weatherization, and broadband infrastructure.