National Conference Past Presentations

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Greg Adams, Salt River Project, "SRP's Grid Modernization: The Path to Customer Value," 22 pp. 

Troy Adams, Elk River Municipal Utilities, "Using Reliability and RP3 to Communicate Performance to Customers, Employees, and Your Governing Body," 13 pp.

Dan Aschenbach, Moodys Investors Service, "Rating Agency Outlook," 24 pp.

James Barnes, City of Tallahassee, and Cheryl Rainey, Rainey Leadership Learning, "Building the Workforce of the Future," 29 pp.

Dave Benson, DJ Benson & Associates and Center for Personal Protect & Safety, "Orlando One Year Later: Lessons Learned - Active Shooter Preparedness & Response," 31 pp. 

Bill Bottiggi, Braintree Electric Light Department, "Braintree Electric EV Incentive Program," 14 pp.

Don Bowman, BVU Authority, "Sniffing Out Ethics Issues Early," 33 pp.

Karl Brutsaert, First Solar, "C&I Customer and Market Perspectives," 6 pp.

Tim Burke, Omaha Public Power District, "Leading the Way We Power the Future," 10 pp.

Brian Calkin, Center for Internet Security and Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center, "MS-ISAC Overview," 32 pp.

Tony Cannon, Greenville Utilities Commission, "Emergency Communications: Hurricane Matthew," 17 pp.

Mark Canty, Orlando Police Department, "Orlando Police Department PULSE Presentation," 28 pp.

Yvette Carter, Gainesville Regional Utilities, "Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce," 11 pp.

Steve Chriss, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., "Partnerships for a Sustainable Future," 9 pp.

Fred Christie, Easton Utilities, "Technology Opportunities and Challenges," 17 pp.

Jason Christopher, Axio, and Scott Saunders, American Public Power Associations,  "Security Made Simple(r)," 31 pp.

Bill Clarke, The Energy Authority, "Smart Meter Data: Challenges and Opportunities - The Energy Authority's Experience," 21 pp.

Steve Collier, Milsoft Utility Solutions, "The Emerging Modern Grid Means New Business Models for Public Power Systems," 42 pp.

Patrick Corrigan, Katama Technologies, "Technology Opportunities and Challenges," 29 pp.

Lisa Curran, Orlando Utilities Commission, "Creating Advocates for Community Engagement & Outreach," 11 pp.

Meena Dayak, American Public Power Association, "DIY: Promoting Public Power in Your Community," 19 pp.

John Egan, Egan Energy Communications, "Community Engagement Through Ambassadors: F2F Communications and Public Power Utilities," 13 pp.

Joe Eto, Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory, "The Importance of Electricity Reliability and the Cost of Power Interruptions to Customers," 8 pp. 

Andrew Fusco, ElectriCities of North Carolina, "Workforce Planning & Development Strategic Priority," 15 pp.

Karen Glitman, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, "Community Storage: Traditionally Untraditional," 13 pp. 

Jeff Haas and Ursula Schryver, American Public Power Association, "Power of Membership," 10 pp.

Wally Haase, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, "Incoming Board Chair's Address," 33 pp.

Cliff Hamal, Navigant, "Capacity Markets: Call for Reform," 24 pp.

Sean Hamilton, Sterling Municipal Light Department, "Community Storage: Traditionally Untraditional," 17 pp.

Timothy Hebert, Energy New England, "Community Storage: Traditionally Untraditional - Adventures in ETS," 15 pp.

Bruce Hennes, Hennes Crisis Communications, "Crisis Management & Communication: A Strategic Approach," 10 pp.; "Crisis Management for Trade Associations," 2 pp.; and "Essential Elements of a Crisis Communications Plan," 2 pp.

Michael Hyland, American Public Power Association, "EVs Everywhere: What's in it for Utilities?" 9 pp.

Amy Myers Jaffe, University of California - Davis, "Coming Soon: A Future of Electricity Near You," 19 pp.

Neil James, Santee Cooper, "Storm Stories: Hurricane Matthew," 43 pp.

Steve Johnson, Western Area Power Administration, "Hydropower Future: Threats and Opportunities," 8 pp.

Carolyn Justice-Hinson, Fayetteville Public Works Commission, "Community Engagement Through Customer Ambassadors," 10 pp.

Sue Kelly, American Public Power Association, "Powering Strong Communities," 29 pp.

Sue Kelly, American Public Power Association, Colin Hansen, Kansas Municipal Utilities, Jose Alvarez, City of Kissimmee, Russell Olson, Heartland Concusmer Power Districct, and Wes Kelley, Huntsville Utilities, "Social Media for Leaders," 57 pp.

Randy Knight, and Jerry Warren, City of Winter Park, "A Municipalization Success Story," 54 pp.

Nilaksh Kothari, Manitowoc Public Utilities, "Conducting & Implementing Compensation Studies," 29 pp.

Greg Lee, Orlando Utilities Commssion, "Welcome & Be Empowered," 9 pp.

Laura Lewis, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, "Recruiting & Retaining a Diverse Workforce," 14 pp.

Lisa McAlister, American Municipal Power, "Capacity Markets: Call for Reform," 28 pp.

Mark McCain, Florida Municipal Power Agency, "Solar Power: What Do Customers Want?" 16 pp.

Patrick McGarry, The Energy Authority, and John Stephens, City Utilities of Springfield, "Preparing for Success in RTO Markets," 20 pp.

David Mehlhaff, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, "emPOWER Education Program: A Kansas City BPU Initiative," 14 pp.

Chip Merriam, Orlando Utilities Commission, "CPP and Climate Policy: What's Next?" 32 pp.

Barry Moline, California Municipal Utilities Association, and Amy Zubaly, Florida Municipal Electric Association, "Florida Electric Utilities Storm Response and Consumer Expectations," 24 pp.

Marvin Moon, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, "EVs Everywhere: What's in it for Utilities?" 27 pp.

Robert Moore, SunPower, "Superior Performance and Reliability at a Competitive Cost of Energy," 32 pp.

Colin Murchie, SolSystems, "Understanding the Solar Business Model," 22 pp.

Jeff Panger, S&P Global, "Public Power Outlook," 9 pp.

Dennis Pidherny, Fitch Ratings, "Outlook: U.S. Public Power and Electric Cooperative Sector," 17 pp.

Cheryl Rainey, Rainey Leadership Learning, "A Recipe for Silicon Valley Success," 5 pp.  

Anda Ray, Electric Power Research Institute, "Our Energy Future: Integrated Energy Network," 34 pp.

Jessica Rogers, Denton Municipal Electric, "Renewable Denton Plan," 6 pp.

Marcus Sachs, North American Electric Reliability Corporation and Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center, "Information Sharing for Cyber and Physical Security—the E-ISAC," 31 pp.

Scott Segel, Bracewell, "Power Sector Policy and the Trump Administration," 12 pp. 

Tobias Sellier, American Public Power Association, "Communicating the Value of Reliability," 14 pp.

Stephen Serkaian, Lansing Board of Water & Light, "Community Events," 20 pp.

Carolyn Slaughter, American Public Power Association, "Environmental Regulatory Update," 25 pp.

Debra Smith, Central Lincoln PUD, "DIY: Promoting Public Power in My Community," 10 pp.

Lynne Tejeda, Keys Energy Services, "Workforce Planning," 20 pp.

Steve VanderMeer, Hometown Connections, "Creating a Culture of Customer Service," 16 pp.

Michael Vigeant, Great Blue Research, "FMPA Solar Energy Survey Market Assessment Study," 23 pp.

Desmarie Waterhoue and Cory Toth, American Public Power Association, "Federal Legislative Update," 13 pp. 

David Werley, Bryan Texas Utilities, "AMI Meter Data: Challenges and Opportunities," 20 pp.

James West, Snohomish County PUD, "Hydropower Future: Threats and Opportunities," 11 pp.

Mike Willetts, Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association, "Safety is Your Business," 74 pp.

David Wright, Los Angeles Department of Water & Light, "Creating a Culture of Customer Service," 21 pp.