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Power Sources
The Omaha Public Power District’s board recently approved revisions to its strategic plan that increase the utility’s commitment to renewable energy.
Power Sources
Recent scholarly studies cast doubt on whether wind and solar power alone can address global climate change without support from nuclear power. NuScale Power's small modular reactor technology is ideal for public power utilities given its small footprint and other favorable siting features, scalability, compatibility with other energy resources, and its competitive cost.
Bills and Rates
The New York Public Service Commission approved new electricity rates for public power utility Massena Electric Department that the PSC said will allow high-density load customers, such as cryptocurrency companies, to qualify for service under an individual service agreement.
I just got back from the Association’s National Conference, held in New Orleans from June 17-20. The Conference drew 1,450 attendees from across the country. We addressed a wide variety of topics, including general sessions on the future of public power, the current political environment, megatrends
Electric Vehicles
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled a $4.2 million expansion plan to install more high-speed electric vehicle charging stations along the New York State Thruway. As part of the governor's Charge NY 2.0 electric vehicle initiative, the New York State Thruway Authority is partnering with the New York Power Authority to install the new fast-charging stations at Thruway service areas and Thruway-owned commuter parking lots over the next two years.
Power Sources
Proposing the sale of the PMAs is much like proposing the sale of a public power utility - it is usually an attempt to get a one-time cash pay-out for short-term gain, at the cost of losing a valuable asset that otherwise would continue to benefit customers for many years.
Electricity Markets
The start of the new year ushered in the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, the latest marker in a growing trend of states moving to legalize cannabis use. The power industry has been grappling with several challenges associated with cannabis operations including the collection of
Disaster Response
Roughly 1,500 more utility workers from the mainland United States – including lineworkers and others from public power utilities – are deploying to Puerto Rico this month to help the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority restore its electric system after the devastation brought by Hurricane Maria in September 2017.
Energy Storage
Holyoke Gas & Electric plans to install a 3 megawatts/6 megawatt-hour battery storage system tied to an existing 5.8-MW solar facility in western Massachusetts to help the public power utility reduce its peak load.
As the Kansas legislative session grappled with a calamitous budget situation, tempers flared and solutions were elusive. A large contingent of women from both chambers and both parties came together and developed the framework for a workable tax plan. People want leaders who work hard to provide