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Update on EPA’s Environmental Justice Activities

Join us in discussion with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Justice (EJ) to hear about the EPA’s latest initiatives to support and address the concerns of disadvantaged underserved communities.
July 14, 2022
2:00pm - 3:30pm Eastern

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Webinar Overview

Environmental justice is at the forefront of the Biden administration’s whole of government approach to “advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.” 

Under the direction of President Biden’s Executive Order 14008, “Tackling the Climate the Crisis at Home and Abroad” EPA is making certain environmental justice is an integral part of their missions by developing programs, policies, and activities to address the disproportionately high and adverse human health, environmental, climate-related, and other cumulative impacts on disadvantaged communities, as well as the accompanying economic challenges of such impacts. Public power utilities should be informed about these initiatives and any potential impacts.

This webinar will discuss EPA’s Equity Action Plan, updates to EPA’s screening and mapping tools, and various EJ regulatory and programmatic actions.


Matthew Tejada, Director, Office of Environmental Justice at the US EPA


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