Tips on Creating a Strong DEED Grant & Scholarship Application

Learn about the DEED grant and scholarship application process, the types of projects we fund, and the best tips for a successful application.


This webinar provides answers to all your questions related to DEED grants and scholarships. The DEED Program Director and two board directors discuss the application process, the types of projects funded, common application mistakes, who is eligible to apply, and tips to develop the best application possible. 

The webinar also covers how to incorporate a valuable research component into an application, as well as provides tips for smaller utilities looking to apply.

Visit the DEED funding page, review the DEED Project Database, and watch this webinar to ensure you're ready for the next application cycle.


  • Michele Suddleson, DEED Program Director, American Public Power Association
  • Rachel Huang, Director, Energy Strategy, Research & Development, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Chris Roy, General Manager, Belmont Light

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