Down to Brass Tacks: Implementing Your Strategic Plan

Learn how to implement your strategic plan.
September 6, 2018

2 – 3:30 p.m. Eastern

Held in cooperation with Hometown Connections.


This is the last of three webinars in the Strategic Planning Webinar Series

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Series Description

This three-part webinar series dives into all you need to know about the value of a strategic plan, how to create a plan suited to your organization, and how to implement that plan. You’ll learn how to engage policymakers and staff, set realistic timetables and budgets, select the right process for your utility, and when and how to hire consultants. You also will take a deep dive into managing financial operations as part of long-term performance planning.

Webinar Description

Many strategic plans are crafted with great effort, only to gather dust on the shelf while organizations go about business as usual. Finalizing your strategic plan should be the beginning, not the end, of your journey. Once you adopt a strategic plan, the next critical step is to design a realistic tactical plan to implement it.

Focused on where the rubber meets the road, this webinar gets into the details of staying the course. Join us to learn how you can keep all stakeholders aware of the plan’s progress, avoid common pitfalls in implementation, and engage productively with outside consultants or facilitators if needed.


  • Identifying strategic planning milestones
  • Determining schedules
  • Setting and managing budgets
  • Assigning deliverables to departments and employees
  • Tracking results: plan deployment and effectiveness 

Who Should Participate

  • CEOs, general managers, senior executives, board/council members, and others involved in strategic planning
  • The series reviews strategic planning options for public power utilities of different sizes and with a variety of governing structures. The webinars also review strategic planning for state associations and joint action agencies.


Patricia Cruz, Vice President of Consulting & Training, Hometown Connections, Austin, Texas

For nearly 20 years, Patty has helped utilities set a strategic destination for the future and then direct operations towards that vision. Her areas of expertise include achieving organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, change management, communications, stakeholder engagement, process improvement, and customer satisfaction. Her focus is on improving the performance of public power’s corporate culture, workforce issues, customer service, and community relations. Prior to joining Hometown, she was a Senior Consultant for Leidos. Patty holds degrees in Business Communications, an M.B.A. in Management and Marketing, and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management.

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