DEED Webinar: Replicate this Cybersecurity Toolkit

Learn how to best protect your utility from cyber attacks, based on a successful toolkit created in Northern California.


Cyber attacks are a growing and rapidly changing challenge that utilities face and must be prepared to mitigate. Just as these attacks are constantly evolving, a utility's immediate response plan must also adapt. Northern California Power Agency plunged into solving this problem with the execution of a tabletop incident response exercise.

This webinar details how to use the toolkit they developed, which features template resources such as an incident response plan; sample exercise agenda; and participant instructional memos. The exercise simulates an attack scenario and gives the opportunity to go through your incident response plan to help strengthen your utility's cyber-security readiness.

NCPA received DEED funding to have a Cybersecurity Analyst intern to help plan, develop, and coordinate the Cybersecurity Incident Response tabletop exercise.


  • Bob Caracristi, Manager, Information Services and Power Settlements, Northern California Power Agency
  • Joel Cahill, Student, California State University, Sacramento
  • Sam Rozenberg, Engineering Services Security Manager, American Public Power Association

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