DEED Webinar: Developing a Demand Side Management Program Using Blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging technology with a wide array of applications that remains an intangible mystery to many.


Blockchain is an emerging technology with a wide array of applications, a great deal of unfamiliarity in the electric utility space, and few, if any, validated use cases or successfully, working programs. This webinar details the project team at Burlington Electric Department (BED) and Omega Grid who discussed how they used the technology to create an innovative, new demand side management program for commercial and industrial customers. The pilot program uses price signals to incentivize customers to actively manage and invest in load, battery, and generation management systems in order to share in the savings gained by reducing extra capacity and energy costs assessed during periods of peak energy usage.

In this webinar you will learn how blockchain might be able to assist utilities in helping to manage the proliferation of customer-owned devices like solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicles, as well as learn about the costs and feasibility of developing and managing a market incentive program at the local level.

In addition to sharing the lessons learned, from this first, DEED co-funded blockchain project, the presenters also removed the veil of mystique surrounding this relatively new technology by answering all your blockchain questions and comparing available blockchain technologies.

Recommended for:

Utility staff who work in finance and operations, electric vehicles, solar, battery storage, and IT.


  • Casey Lamont, Resource Planning Analyst, Burlington Electric Department
  • Killian Tobin, CEO and Founder, Omega Grid

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