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Communications 101: Resources for Utilities and City Officials

Join us for this introduction to the 7-webinar Raising Awareness of Public Power Webinar Series to learn some tips on how to get your community excited about public power.
September 26, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern

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Webinar Description

How many of your customers know they are served by a public power utility and what that means for them? Do they know how you keep electricity affordable and reliable, while giving back to the community? It’s time to tell the public power story and win loyalty and trust from stakeholders so they’ll be on your side when competition and threats proliferate. Learn three basic tunes to toot your horn, with a suite of resources from the American Public Power Association. Invite your city coordinators or PIOs to join this free webinar so they’ll know how to get and share content for you.

This is the first webinar in the Raising Awareness of Public Power Webinar Series designed to help you raise awareness of public power in your community.

The webinar will take place from 2-3 pm Eastern.

Series Description

As competition evolves in new and different forms, it’s more important than ever before to share the unique benefits of public power with multiple stakeholders. Whether in times of storm or calm, several easy, low-cost outreach initiatives can help you build lasting community trust and goodwill. Learn how utilities like yours are engaging audiences through different communication channels and community involvement. Up your game on outage and scam communications. And get best practices in employee communications. Our series of seven webinars is designed for utilities of all sizes, at any level in the communications journey.


  • Meena DayakVice President, Integrated Media & Communications, American Public Power Association, Arlington, Virginia
  • Brooke Bohnenkamp, Manager of Communications, Special Projects and IT City of Pierre, South Dakota 
  • Sam Gonzales, Director, Digital and Social Media, American Public Power Association, Arlington, Virginia

Registration/Fee Information

This is the first of seven webinars in the Raising Awareness of Public Power Webinar Series

Individual webinar

  • Click here to register for the Communications 101: Resources for Utilities and City Officials webinar. 
    • This webinar serves as an introduction to the series, and is available for free. 

The seven-part series (includes two free webinars): $495 for Association members; $995 for nonmembers

  • Click here to register for the 7-part series.
  • Webinars are recorded and available for playback, in case you miss the live version. 


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