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Designed to help you develop skill sets and dive deeper into complex subject matters, preconference seminars offer longer class times, smaller class sizes, interactive formats and experienced instructors. Seminars require advance registration and additional registration fee. 

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Preconference Seminars - Sunday, September 13

  • Accounting for Complex Utility Transactions
  • Rate Design Strategies for Today’s Technologies
  • Business Continuity and Emergency Planning

Sunday, September 13

8:30 a.m. – Noon
Accounting for Complex Utility Transactions
Recommended CEUs .3 / PDHs 3.25 / CPEs 3.8, Accounting

Go beyond the basics and dive deeper into the complexities of regulatory accounting that align with FERC’s method of accounting. Learn how to account for contributions in aid of construction and labor costs, retirement and decommissioning obligations, and rate recovery of transactions. Get to know the different accounting practices and requirements for public power and rural electric cooperative utilities and how to properly allocate costs in a multi-service utility.

Speaker: Bethany Ryers, CPA, MAS, Firm Director, Baker Tilly

1:30 – 5 p.m.
Rate Design Strategies for Today’s Technologies
Recommended CEUs .3 / PDHs 3.25 / CPEs 3.8, Specialized Knowledge

How electricity gets generated, distributed, and consumed has changed — and utility policies and rate structures must be updated accordingly. From rethinking block rates to offering time of use and real-time pricing, utilities are exploring new ways to accurately recover costs. Go beyond the trends and get insights into how other utilities are integrating distributed energy resources and restructuring rates for customers with electric vehicles and solar generation. Learn how to send proper price signals to customers to support load management, dive into how different usage patterns affect your costs, and discuss how to develop a long-term financial strategy that’s consistent with the social and environmental objectives of your community.

Speaker: Mark Beauchamp, President, Utility Financial Solutions

1:30 – 5 p.m.
Business Continuity and Emergency Planning
Recommended CEUs .3 / PDHs 3.25 / CPEs 3.8, Specialized Knowledge

Responding to a business disruption or emergency can be stressful for any utility and for its customers. Putting a response plan in place means that team members know exactly what to do as soon as an event happens or emerges – saving valuable time and alleviating stress. Learn how to develop an effective business continuity and disaster recovery plan, including communication plans, identifying critical functions, and coordination with other agencies. Explore what you need to know to manage incidents and engage in a brief tabletop exercise to help you understand how to put your plan into action.

Learn how to track disaster-related costs for potential reimbursement through local, state, and federal mechanisms.

Speakers: Wes Kelley, President & CEO, Huntsville Utilities, Alabama; and Charise Swanson, Vice President of Consulting & Training, Hometown Connections