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Monday, September 16

8:00 — 8:45 a.m.
DJChair's Address
Decosta Jenkins, President & CEO, Nashville Electric Service, Tennessee; and Chair, American Public Power Association


SKState of Public Power
Sue Kelly, President & CEO, American Public Power Association


Wednesday, September 18

GW10:15 —11:30 a.m.
Leading the .01%
Greg “Boss” Wooldridge, Three-time Commander of The Blue Angels

Greg “Boss” Wooldridge is the only commanding officer to lead The Blue Angels for three separate tours. He was first selected because of his demonstrated ability to build teams where communication, trust and teamwork took precedence over rank and status. His heart-driven approach proved a perfect match for the Blue Angel’s culture of excellence.

Greg will take you on an incredible journey as he leads the world's preeminent pilots, who must land on an aircraft carrier's pitching deck at night, to a level of skill seemingly unachievable flying safely and steadily 18" apart at 400 miles per hour. Beginning with a culture that is founded on a sense of gratitude and trust, "Boss" will guide you through a performance-elevating framework that can be applied to any enterprise. You will learn the way in which exceptional growth in team and personal performance can be dramatically achieved even though your journey, like his, may be "littered with rose thorns and not rose petals.”