Asset and Data Management for Municipals

Learn how important it is to collect and store your data in an organized fashion, and the best practices to do so.

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Modern technologies have changed the world of electric utilities. As digital relays take the place of their electromechanical counterparts, the information we need to organize grows exponentially. Where there were once rooms of file cabinets, there are now hard drives full of data. This presents new challenges for the common utility work process. Moreover, NERC auditing requires collecting all this information in a useable format. What are the ways that we can organize this data? What are some best practices for collecting and using utility documentation?

In this webinar, we discuss the reasons for centralizing your data. We cover best practices and useful tools for making day-to-day work, information gathering, and even NERC audits more streamlined.


  • Will Scheibe, SEC Application Engineer, OMICRON, Houston, Texas

  • Jamison Parker, Beaches Energy, Electrical Engineer, Jacksonville, Florida

Recommended for

  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Engineers
  • IT staff
  • Engineering managers
  • Substation Engineers
  • Substation Testers
  • Protection Engineers and Testers

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