Energy Efficiency Management Certificate Program

The Energy Efficiency Management Certificate Program gives participants a firm grounding in all aspects of energy efficiency program development, implementation, budgeting, marketing and management.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate Program is currently undergoing a revamp and will be relaunched in 2022. To receive the latest information on APPA events, courses and publications, with an energy efficiency focus, you can update your marketing preferences here.

Program Description

Who manages energy efficiency programs at your utility? Are they up to speed with the latest trends, technologies, policies, and requirements? Successful programs do not happen by accident—they require an understanding of the industry, marketplace, customers and many other elements. When done well, energy efficiency can play an important role in achieving utility goals and improving customer service.

The Energy Efficiency Management Certificate Program will give participants a firm grounding in all aspects of energy efficiency program development, implementation, budgeting, marketing and management. The Certificate Program covers all aspects of energy efficiency portfolio and program planning, implementation, and evaluation, preparing you to help residential, commercial, and industrial customers save energy, while enjoying high reliability and quality service.

To earn an Energy Efficiency Management Certificate, participants must complete the required courses and then, within a year of completing the coursework, pass an online exam and submit an energy efficiency program business plan. Courses can be taken individually or together as part of the certificate program. Upon completing the program, participants will have a full understanding of the elements (industry, marketplace and customers) that contribute to a successful energy efficiency program.

Who Should Attend

Staff from small, medium, and large public power utilities that:

  • Want to start an energy efficiency program
  • Already manage energy efficiency programs but want to scale them up
  • Are interested in various aspects of energy efficiency
  • Want to earn a professional credential


Please contact our Education Department at 202-467-2919 or [email protected].

How Can I Participate?

Let Us Come To You!

We can bring our courses to your location at any time—a convenient and cost-effective option for groups of eight or more. This format also allows you to customize course content to address the specific goals that are important to your organization. Check out In-house training options.

Pool Your Resources

Partner with neighboring public power utilities, state and regional associations, or joint action agencies to bring the training to your area. This is a great way to share costs and to secure a location that is within driving distance (ideal for utilities facing strict travel guidelines or joint action agencies looking to add services to their members).

For more information, contact the Education Department on [email protected].