Lineworkers keep America powered

Reprinted with permission from Hospitality Ventures Management Group

Their job is an extremely dangerous one. It often takes them high above ground, or deep below the earth's surface. Their work is often dirty, rough, and hard, yet they do it in the midst of the elements and even when it's most treacherous and unforgiving. They have to be physically strong or their work will break them, but they must also possess the mental sharpness of a physician, for one small mistake could sometimes spell death or disaster. They work in the shadows and are the knights of light that fight to keep back the darkness.

They're the blue collar heroes who work hard for their families, volunteer at their churches, coach their kids' ball teams, and love a good hearty meal. When disaster strikes our communities they may work for days on end in the midst of the storms. When there's a call to help their fellow men in need, they grab their hard hats, say goodbye to their families, and whether north or south, east or west, their bucket truck convoys leave for the open road to help their friends in need.

They are often never recognized in their communities for awards and politicians don't usually mention them as heroes. They are the consummate professionals who provide the power that keeps our city moving. They are the men and women who are energy and utility professionals.

Rocky Mount's DoubleTree By Hilton, Comfort Inn By Choice and the Gateway Convention Centre salute the men and women who work in our city, state, and across the nation to keep the power on.


Last year our team was so excited when we read the news that our Rocky Mount Public Utilities Department received two national awards! Their two awards for Outstanding Safety Practices and Reliable Electric Operations, speak profoundly of their standard of excellence. It was an especially proud moment for me, because a part of that special group, was a man who is my hero and someone I've watched for years work hard as a foreman for the City of Rocky Mount's Utility Department, and that's my father, Ronnie Joyner.


Throughout the year we have the opportunity of serving utility and energy services professionals at the Gateway Centre. These crews are some of the nicest and funniest people that our staff gets to serve! Then there's another thing that's rarely mentioned but has a significant impact on tourism and or local economy. Every year hundreds of room nights are brought to our city, from trainings and utility groups that travel from all over NC and from across the US to our city. Whenever the electrician schools come to town, our director of sales always makes sure she sets aside time to join the crews for dinner, because we love spending time with family!


Our entire team wants to say a special thank you to all the men and women who keep the lights on!"