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5 reasons you should participate in GridEx IV

The electricity sector is a target for those wanting to cause harm through cyber or physical attacks. You know that being impacted by a cyber or physical security incident is not outside the realm of possibility, yet how many opportunities do you have to practice incident response? Even if your organization is not directly impacted by an incident, you will be asked what you did to prepare for one.

On November 15 and 16, thousands of individuals from across the industry will participate in GridEx, a national electric sector crisis response simulation. Participants can respond to simulated events, also called injects, as they would during an actual event. Even if you don’t practice a response, by attending you can see how utilities share inject information internally and with appropriate external entities.

Here are five reasons we think you should attend.

  1. Improve your readiness to respond and recover in the event of a cyber or physical attack. We as an industry routinely practice our response to events such as floods, winter storms, and hurricanes. Participating in GridEx will help you to identify ways in which your organization will need to respond to a cyber or physical security incident, or how to support mutual aid recovery efforts of another entity.
  2. Be a part of the biggest grid security exercise in North America. This biannual event has grown every year since its inception in 2011 – with the last seeing more than 4,400 individuals from 364 organizations across North America take part. The event is a prime opportunity to share ideas with your industry peers.
  3. Show that you are committed to reliability in the face of crisis. Reliability drives everything we do in the electricity sector and can even affect your municipal bond ratings. In fact, Moody’s has started looking at cybersecurity as a risk factor for municipal bonds.
  4. Help public power take a fair share of seats at the table. We need to show that public power is eager to do its part to minimize and mitigate the growing security threats facing our sector. To prepare and discuss the relevancy of the exercise to public power, we’re hosting a brief pre-call and a debrief call for participating members each day of the event.
  5. It’s easy to sign up – and free to participate. Registration is as simple as emailing the names and email addresses for all participants from your organization to [email protected]. Make sure to designate who will be the lead contact for your team so they can receive relevant exercise information and planning materials. On the days of the events, November 15-16, participants can attend from their regular work locations.

Still not sure if you should participate? Learn more about what to expect from the exercise on a recently recorded Association webinar, GridEx IV for Public Power Utilities. In addition, the Association will be holding debrief conference calls for members to discuss thoughts and responses to the exercise scenarios.  For more information on the conference calls, please email [email protected].