Consulting Services

Take advantage of consulting and expertise from the American Public Power Association’s utility services subsidiary, Hometown Connections. Get help in strengthening utility operations and management and get discounts on technology, financial, operational, and customer service tools. 

Strategic planning

Create, update, and implement a strategic plan for your organization. Define staff and board roles and responsibilities and forecast the future. Through onsite facilitation, workshops, and follow-up consultations, Hometown helps you develop a realistic, step-by-step, flexible blueprint to adapt to market conditions, regulatory requirements, and changing customer expectations. 

Governance training

Educate and engage your policymakers so they understand critical issues and trends. Foster thoughtful dialogue with senior utility executives, city officers, and other stakeholders. Build a board that supports the highest level of reliability, customer service, and rate management. 

Check-up services

Get a quick and cost-effective assessment of your utility’s performance in relation to your peers in public power. We offer check-ups on your organization, governance, finance, customer service, cybersecurity, distribution system, and on readiness for the Association's Reliable Public Power Program (RP3).

For each check up, our experts spend one or two days at your utility discussing specific facets of management and operations with staff and/or governing board members. Then you receive a report identifying your strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations for improvement.

Workforce solutions and compensation studies

Get a certified compensation consultant to evaluate the competitive marketplace and provide compensation recommendations based on a comprehensive report of workforce demographics, salary data, benefits, and retirement plans. Hometown can help you find interim personnel for positions in general management, finance, and accounting as well as power generation, transmission, and distribution operations. 

Customer satisfaction surveys and market research

Conduct customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, product awareness/interest, and other market research. Get actionable customer intelligence through best practices in research design, analysis, and reporting. Lay the foundation for strategic planning and future programs to best serve your community. 

Cyber and physical security engineering/consulting

Get expert external support and training to build comprehensive, sustainable cyber and physical security programs. We provide planning, implementation, and maintenance of security solutions to public power organizations.

Technology planning/implementation

Secure vendor-neutral guidance on project design, budgeting, and deployment for AMI, SCADA, and other electricity distribution automation systems.

Energy trading and risk management

For wholesale energy marketing support, turn to the leaders in providing energy trading and risk management services nationwide,

Cost of service studies/rate design

Bring in the experts for cost of service, rate design, and financial planning services modeled to fit your utility’s unique demographics and characteristics.

Full suite of services

Through Hometown Connections partners, you can access other discounted products and services like:

  • Advanced metering for electric, gas, water, and waste water utilities
  • Meter data management and outage management software
  • Customer engagement through personalized outbound communications
  • Billing and financial software that is smart-grid enabled
  • Standby power generation systems
  • Mobile workforce solutions
  • Community solar solutions
  • Insurance programs designed exclusively for public power