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SRP proposes new transmission lines to support economic growth in Arizona’s East Valley area

From the December 19, 2012 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published December 19, 2012

By Fallon Forbush
Communications Assistant

The Salt River Project in Phoenix, Ariz., said it has initiated a process to site new 230-kilovolt power lines and new 230-kV substations that will improve electric service reliability in what is known as the Price Road Corridor in the East Valley area.

A number of commercial customers in the area require large amounts of electricity to operate and SRP is anticipating a significant increase in the number of businesses there in the near future. The land available for development in the corridor makes the area a power delivery "hot spot" and current transmission capacity in the area will not be sufficient to serve projected growth in the future, said Project Manager Tom Novy. The Price Road Corridor 230-kV Project will add new infrastructure to provide the capacity needed to serve new demand from large commercial and light industrial customers, SRP said.

The first phase, planned to be in service by May 1, 2016, will enable SRP to keep pace with current and future electrical demands in the area, the utility said. But first, SRP will initiate an extensive public process that includes three rounds of public open houses and a hearing before the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee. 

The open houses are already scheduled for January 2013 for the public to review informational displays and discuss the project with SRP team members. Currently, no routes for the power lines or the location for one of the new substations have been determined, said Novy.

The project includes a new single-circuit 230-kV power line to connect an existing substation with a new substation in the southern portion of the Price Road Corridor; and a new double-circuit 230-kV power line that will connect an existing substation with a new 230-kV substation in the northern portion of the corridor. The two new substations will be connected by a double-circuit 230-kV line. A single-circuit 230-kV power line will also be needed between existing substations in Tempe, SRP said.


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