DSM Benchmarker

Evaluate. Compare. Improve.

The DSM Benchmarker leverages EIA data to generate customizable peer comparison charts for a range of energy efficiency indicators such as energy savings, potential demand reduction, and spending relative to size. The tool is designed to provide you with the opportunity to access reliable data and make apples-to-apples comparisons.


View this tutorial to learn how to use the DSM Benchmarker to generate customizable peer comparison charts for a range of energy efficiency indicators.

Watch the webinar Tips and a New Tool to Improve and Leverage Your Reporting on EIA 861- Schedule 6 to hear from Mbayo Ahmadu, Senior Energy Analyst, at the U.S. Department of Energy who will deliver an overview of the new EIA form, point out new features, and share tips to simplify data reporting. You’ll also get valuable tips from fellow APPA members who will share their knowledge and examples on reporting data for EIA-861, Schedule 6 and use of the DSM Benchmarker.

The DSM Benchmarking Tools & Resources were developed through a DEED grant in partnership with members of the Large Public Power Council and the Alliance to Save Energy.

EIA-861 Schedule 6 Reporting Guide

The EIA-861 Schedule 6 Reporting Guide shows utility staff how to most efficiently generate reliable, comparable data for EIA form 861-Schedule 6. The helpful tips, examples and recommendations included in this Guide are based on input and feedback from utility peers. The Guide will reduce the time burden public power utilities experience reporting data for EIA 861, improve the accuracy of the data reported, and enable utilities to generate useful benchmark comparisons for both internal utility purposes and external stakeholders. More accurate data will enable public power utilities to make better-informed decisions about how to spend limited energy efficiency resources.

Watch the webinar Navigating EIA-861, Schedule 6: DSM Information, from June 2014, to learn how to avoid common mistakes on this often-confusing form.

2013 EIA-861 Respondent Handbook

This is a comprehensive resource by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) to assist respondents completing the annual electric power industry report, Form EIA-861. It contains explanations of key terms, examples of how to calculate data and common resolutions for edits and other variations which occur.  For more information visit EIA’s website http://www.eia.gov/survey/#eia-861 or contact their help services at eia-861@eia.gov.