Press Inquiries:
Meena Dayak, (202-467-2948) Vice President of Integrated Media & Communications
Tobias Sellier,
 (202-467-2927) Senior Communications Specialist

Nathan Mitchell, (202-467-2925) Director of Electric Reliability Standards & Compliance
Allen Mosher, (202-467-2944) Vice President of Policy Analysis

Amy Thomas, (202-467-2934) Government Relations Director

Physical Preparedness:
Mike Hyland, (202-467-2986) Senior Vice President of Engineering Services
Puesh Kumar, (202-467-2985) Director of Engineering & Operations

Website and Administrative:
Forrest Sholars, (202-467-2959) Government Relations Coordinator

Electricity Sub-Sector Coordinating Council

The purpose of the ESCC is to facilitate and support the coordination of policy-related activities and initiatives designed to improve the reliability and resilience of the electricity sub-sector, including physical and cybersecurity infrastructure and emergency preparedness. The ESCC fosters a dialogue between senior industry representatives and Administration officials.


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Mutual Aid

APPA works with utilities, state associations and joint action agencies on mutual aid efforts. More than 2,000 utilities have signed a mutual aid agreement that addresses coordination with federal government agencies during widespread power outages.

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