Award of Continued Excellence (ACE) 


The Award of Continued Excellence recognizes a DEED member utility that has demonstrated continued commitment to the DEED program and its ideals. Nominations are evaluated on involvement in the DEED program (i.e. grants, scholarships, etc.), commitment to energy-efficiency; investigation/use of renewable resources; and support of public power. This award is presented during APPA's annual Engineering and Operations Technical Conference. The deadline for submissions is January 31.

Prior ACE Winners

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Energy Innovator Award (EIA) 


The Energy Innovator Award recognizes utility programs that have demonstrated advances in the development or application of creative, energy-efficient techniques or technologies, provide better service to electric customers or projects that increase the efficiency of utility operations or resource efficiency. Judging criteria also includes transferability and takes into account project scope in relation to utility size. This award is presented during APPA's annual National Conference. The deadline for submissions is January 31.

2016 EIA Winners

Listen to a webinar from three of the 2016 EIA winnings discussing their winning programs in home energy loans and community solar.

Energy lnnovator Award Judges - Chronological or Alphabetical

Previous EIA Winners - List or List with Program Descriptions

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